About Brian Jones

On April the 30th 2008 I got on an plane with a one way ticket to Budapest with wide eyed notions of growing my own food and brewing my own wine… As the years passed by photography became much more than a medium to document my new life and share it with my friends and family, photography became a passion that sits wonderfully alongside my love of food!

InstantPot Chili Con Carne

Much like the scene scene from Full Metal Jacket, I firmly believe that “This is my ‘Instantpot chili recipe’. There are many like it, but this one is mine.”, I do not however view it as either my best friend or my life, more a warm and welcoming friend that just makes things a little bit better.

InstantPot Apple Glazed Ribs

I have been making apple glazed pork ribs for what feels like for ever, lets face it pork and apple and pork are a match made in heaven and it 'just works', as far as I am concerned it is just one of those food relationships that are unquestioned. This recipe was the first rib recipe in my InstantPot, to cut a long story short, it was not the last...

Coronation Chicken Rebooted

Well where do I start with my Coronation Chicken Recipe? It's a curry, well kinda, it's chicken and mango, well kinda, its a chicken and mango curry salad, kinda... Coronation Chicken was a dish developed for the banquet and Queen Elizabeth II coronation in 1953 and seems to follow on nicely from Jubilee Chicken which was developed for the Silver Jubilee of King George V in 1935, although they are very different dishes.

InstantPot BBQ Pork Sandwich

This BBQ Pork Sandwich is the latest in a number of BBQ pork ideas I have here on Krumpli, to date I have, slow cooker, oven and BBQ versions and this one rounds out my kitchen gadgets by being cooked in the InstantPot. The concept of this dish was to avoid the idea of a pulled pork sandwich but a beautifully cooked carving piece of meat with a lightly sweet fragrant BBQ sauce.

No Messin’ Veal Burger

A good burger is a thing of great beauty and my veal burger is a thing of great beauty, in many ways real simple but also really indulgent. Just like most food I think greatness lies in attention to detail, so the Parma ham for this veal burger is cooked between two baking sheets so that it does not shrivel up. It isn't just because it looks better but it eats better too, you don't get one piece of shriveled up ham in the middle but a single layer in every bite.

InstantPot Beef Dopiaza Curry

Sometimes meals really are just beautifully steaming pile of flavour packed food, there is little point in trying to dress up this beef dopiaza as anything other than a wonderful solution to the bitter and biting cold we have at the moment and I would have it no other way. My love of the great Anglo Indian Curry is well documented here and this dish is the first Indian 'Fakeaway' I have cooked in my InstantPot and boy is it good.

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