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Beef & Lamb Recipes!

Beef and lamb are relatively rare in Hungary, or certainly our corner of rural Hungary anyway… However they are a favourite of mine so I will occasionally splash the cash and cook one of my favourite dishes. It would be hard to pick a favourite of the following dishes, all absolute barnstormers typically using a little meat but getting the maximum flavour out of it!

Tue, 25Oct, 2016

Mac and Cheese Goes British

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I am sure this recipe may get a little flak, but I will open this up with the statement, I have always had a problem with the idea of Mac and Cheese... You see I just don't get where it sits as a dish, it is too one dimensional as a main and is not really a natural bed fellow with other stuff to make it form what I consider to be a substantive meal.

Tue, 09Feb, 2016

Lamb Madras Curry Fakeaway

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A Madras curry in the UK has a reputation of being somewhat of a one trick pony, a real fiery beast and not a lot else... However my lamb Madras curry has a little more about it but it certainly retains a fierce heat from both our own dried chili (cayenne) and lots of black pepper and all of it tempered with coconut milk.

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