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Chicken Recipes!

Chicken has to be pretty much the worlds favourite source of protein and like many households chicken forms a large portion of our meat consumption. You will find many of my favourite fakeaway dishes here, but our feathered friends can provide so much more than just chicken. Have you ever  cooked with duck? You really should give it a try, I have a few simple dishes to get you started below!

Fri, 15Sep, 2017

Quick Black Bean Chicken Stir Fry

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I’m certainly not averse to spending hours in the kitchen listening to music and cooking but sometimes there just aint the time and for me that means a stir fry, you can knock up this black bean chicken recipe in 15 minutes, just enough time to cook up some Jasmine rice to serve it on and definitely quicker than waiting for the delivery dude to turn up.

Tue, 12Sep, 2017

Chicken Legs with Romesco Sauce

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Romesco sauce is a Spanish stalwart and at it’s heart is a pepper sauce with almonds and roasted garlic, traditionally is made with very specific peppers, often dried that are pretty difficult to find. So like most I have amended the recipe to reflect ingredients that are a little easier to find.