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Hot and Spicy Recipes!

I love spicy recipes, food with an appropriate amount of heat and spice really is at the heart of many of my favourite dishes, whether that spice comes from pepper or chili… However spicy dishes need to be balanced, not all dishes need to blow off your head, the amount of heat should be commensurate with the whole dish.

Tue, 28Feb, 2017

InstantPot Chili Con Carne

Beef & Lamb Recipes, InstantPot Recipes, Spicy Recipes|

Much like the scene scene from Full Metal Jacket, I firmly believe that “This is my ‘Instantpot chili recipe’. There are many like it, but this one is mine.”, I do not however view it as either my best friend or my life, more a warm and welcoming friend that just makes things a little bit better.

Fri, 16Dec, 2016

Chicken Pathia: Sweet and Sour Indian Curry

Chicken & Other Bird Recipes, FakeAways, Spicy Recipes|

There was a wee phase when I lived back in the UK many moons ago that a Chicken Pathia was the only thing I ordered from an Indian menu... Not because I didn't like or understand the other stuff but purely and simply it was my favourite thing on any menu.

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