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Vegetarian Recipes!

Despite being a relatively committed carnivore I have dozens of vegetarian recipes in my repertoire… I certainly do not take the approach that vegetarian meals should aplologise for containing no meat, quite to contrary, good vegetarian food needs no substitutes added! It should sing with the glories of the ingredients you use, great food is just great food and I would stack any of these meals up against any protein rich meal at any point in time!

Tue, 27Dec, 2016

Pumpkin Gnocchi with Roasted Chestnuts and Blue Cheese

Vegetarian Recipes|

Hey, hey, hey folks, so we have done it, Christmas day has gone and if you are anything like me you have gorged on meat for the last few days and have more of the same heading your way over New Year. Well my recipes over the Christmas lull are vegetarian and focus on pumpkin and more specifically pumpkin puree...

Fri, 11Nov, 2016

Baked Cauliflower Cannelloni

Pasta Recipes, Vegetarian Recipes|

They say idle hands make light work and this cauliflower cannelloni is definitely a product of my idleness, oh yes and my love of cauliflower... This recipe all started off with an experiment with a simple cauliflower puree, fooling around with steamed, roasted and boiled cauliflower which then lead to a ravioli and finally to this heartwarming cauliflower cannelloni.

Tue, 27Sep, 2016

Chole: Indian Chickpea Curry

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You all know I am a sucker for Indian flavours, to me they are the most vibrant and magical flavours in world food. They are so big and bold yet subtle and beautiful all at the same time, an ancient cuisine involving loads of spices and herbs that are mixed together to create the most incredibly complex but harmonious flavours...

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