14 Indian Chicken Curry Recipes

Collage of three different chicken curry recipes with text in Landscape

I’m British and have eaten probably hundreds of variants of what was considered Britains most popular dish from the mid 1980’s through to the mid 2000’s. But trust me that is not the be all and end all of ‘Indian’ chicken curry recipes.

Recipes for Spring: A Round Up

Recipes for Spring

This time of year is an exciting one for me, hell I love the change of all the seasons, it is an opportunity to eat something new, play with new ingredients and ideas and freshen things up a little. This is a little collection of recipes for spring I have … Read more

Movie Night Food: A Round Up

Movie Night Food

February is typically the coldest and dullest month here in our little corner of Hungary so for me that means lots of movies and as far as I am concerned a movie without munchies just aint proper… So this is a collection of Movie Night food I have been squirreling … Read more

Slow Cooked Food Rocks: A Round Up!

Slow Cooked Food Rocks

There is something about slow cooked food that makes me a very happy bunny and this time of year is perfect for slow cooked food as far as I am concerned. January and February really are bitterly cold here in our corner of Hungary and nothing pleases me more than … Read more

14 Warming Winter Recipes

14 Warming Winter Recipes

Strap yourself in folks something new coming your way in the form of some real wholesome and wonderful warming winter recipes, ‘what’s new in that’ I hear you say? Well these are not my recipes, but a collection of handpicked recipes from some of my favourite food bloggers. Over the … Read more