Mini Wholegrain Oaty Rye Bread

These mini wholegrain Oaty Rye Bread Loaves are my perfect soup bread, making the small means that there is more crust to dunk in your favourite soup!

This ‘rye bread’ is my go to soup bread and I figured it was about time I posted it here as we are entering that strange time of year when summer begins to melt into autumn which is the perfect time to break out your favourite comforting soup recipes and lets face it, soup without bread isn’t worth thinking about.

Cherry Bomb Chili Bites

These little cherry bomb chili bites are my favourite form of beer food, stick them out on the table with some soft cheeses and watch them disappear.

Chili is the perfect beer and football treat for me and these little cherry bomb chili bites sit right at the top of that tree for me and I will be spending my Saturday afternoons sat in the garden with a cold beer and a load of these and the dulcet tones of the BBC coverage of the football.