Slow and Steady Butter Chicken

Butter chicken or Murgh Makhani is the classic Indian, grilled chicken in a rich gravy sauce often thickened with nuts and enriched with ghee and in this case sour cream.

There are thousands of easy butter chicken recipes on the web and whilst this is easy it is not a quick dinner it is very easy all of the work is in the preparation, I am a firm believer that often spending that little extra time on something really pays off so you can keep your quick and easy versions as you cannot cheat flavour!

Skillet Jerk Chicken with Potatoes

Jerk Chicken is a West Indian classic, this is my humble take on a fiery fragrant dish that is not for the feint hearted when it comes to chili.

And he is off again, my skillet Jerk Chicken recipe sees me visit yet another country from my little corner of Hungary. As with all of my recipes this is far from authentic, but my take on the wonderfully aromatic flavours and naturally the real ‘drop kick’ in the face that you should expect from jerk chicken.

Movie Night Spicy Popcorn

Indian influenced spicy popcorn takes movie nights to a whole new level, sweet, salty and fragrant with cumin and chili!

I have been meaning to do a flavoured popcorn for quite a while and given my love of spices I had been toying with a spicy popcorn idea, so imagine my joy when I stumbled on this great recipe when I was thumbing through a book called At Home With Madhur Jaffrey by the wonder woman that is Madhur Jaffrey.