Dinner For Two Anyone?

Cooking for two requires a different mindset than cooking for larger numbers. Roasting whole joints of meat or cooking up big side dishes to share are 'off the menu'. As a result of this often much more planning is required, that is not a bad thing, I do it all for you.

Don't worry, if you are cooking for more going in the other direction and scaling up recipes is much easier!

My recipes are all designed with cooking for two in mind. Even those with larger serving sizes will be great for either freezing or repurposing as leftovers.

Brined Pork Chops & Glazed Nectarines

Brined pork chops paired with some sweet yet salty glazed nectarines are a great alternative to the traditional pork with apple sauce combination.

I have heard many say that brined pork chops remain juicier and are less prone to drying out than their none brined counterparts, I think that is utter poppycock, however that is not to say I don’t love a nice brined piece of meat every now and then.

Chip Shop Fish & Chips Kinda

Proper Chip Shop Fish & Chips are a thing of great beauty and possibly the most evocative memory of growing up in the UK.

I had so much fun planning, shooting and cooking my chip shop Fish & Chips recipe, it is not something we cook very often for obvious reasons but every now and then it is good to say ‘take a stroll’ to all the health nonsense and cook and eat something that makes you clap your hands like a child.

Pea & Potato Vegetable Terrine

A vegetable terrine can be as special as a meat terrine, this wonderfully light and elegant pea and potato combination is summer on a plate for me.

My pea & potato vegetable terrine kinda came up by accident and I am really glad it did, a friend in a Facebook group posted the ‘original’ recipe to this and the moment I saw it I knew that I wanted to put my own little spin on it and make it my own.