Roasted BBQ Ribs

What could possibly be wrong about sticky slow roasted bbq ribs served with a roasted onion BBQ style dipping sauce and not a BBQ in sight.

Who doesn’t like a little messy ‘finger’ food every now and then and given that the current period of time is very busy with planting and looking after our fledgling crops then there was only one place to go…  Beautiful fall off the bone Oven Roaster BBQ Ribs with some sexy roasted onion BBQ dipping sauce.

Homemade Gnocchi cabbage and walnuts


Homemade Gnocchi is something of a dark art so please only use the figures to the right as a guideline, every potato even of the same variety has a different starch content and every egg is a little bit different, particularly when they come from your own beasties…

Spicy Shepherds Pie

Spicy Shepherds Pie

Shepherds Pie, Cottage Pie, pah lets rock the Indian flavours with some wonderful left over roast lamb and turn it into a rather foxy Shepherds Josh Pie… I am finally getting around to writing up my leftovers meal following our Easter Sunday feast and this spicy shepherds pie is a … Read more

All About The Pig


March is a wonderful time of the year for us, it brings 5 months of semi enforced idleness to an end, we get out in the garden, the weather improves and the first real ‘festival’ of the year happens. It takes place in a small town on the banks of … Read more