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Beef & Lamb Recipes!

Beef and lamb are relatively rare in Hungary, or certainly our corner of rural Hungary anyway… However they are a favourite of mine so I will occasionally splash the cash and cook one of my favourite dishes. It would be hard to pick a favourite of the following dishes, all absolute barnstormers typically using a little meat but getting the maximum flavour out of it!

Classic Baked Lasagne

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I suppose you could call my lasagne recipe a bit of a cheat as it uses some of my batch cooked bolognese sauce however it aint that much of a cheat as it is still made from scratch and all the vegetables were indeed sourced from my garden.

Spicy Shepherds Pie

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I am finally getting around to writing up my leftovers meal following our Easter Sunday feast and this spicy shepherds pie is a real treat. It has been a strange old day today, first day back I have not looked at my emails since Tuesday and I got a very odd request from someone to quote for some work. Alongside writing this blog, growing loads of food, brewing a little wine and indulging in a little bit too much food and booze I undertake a little bit of Photographic and Videographic work, it is all a bit dull and commercial but todays off the wall request was to undertake a shoot in Sierra Leone at the end of this month… Yes, Ebola hit Sierra Leone, I am not sure if it is a good or bad thing but after a few hours research it transpires that I would [...]

Smothered Indian Roast Lamb!

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As I mentioned in my Pork Pie recipe there are some foods that I miss greatly since my move to Hungary and lamb is right at the top of that list, couple that to my love of spice then what could be better than Smothered Indian Roast Lamb?  It is not like sheep are not bred here but rather that and 'sheep' eaten tends to be mutton and not widely available, I am also sure that there is an awful lot of lamb produced but it is all exported as it will almost certainly achieve a higher price elsewhere in Europe than it will here.  So I was very excited to have an opportunity some time ago to source some great quality lamb, I know the beasts were well looked after and fed well as they belonged to a neighbour and were constantly breaking out of their 'compound' and [...]

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