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Chicken Recipes!

Chicken has to be pretty much the worlds favourite source of protein and like many households chicken forms a large portion of our meat consumption. You will find many of my favourite fakeaway dishes here, but our feathered friends can provide so much more than just chicken. Have you ever  cooked with duck? You really should give it a try, I have a few simple dishes to get you started below!

Chicken Piccata With Carrots and Leek

Chicken & Other Bird Recipes|

  Picatta is a wonderfully simple dish full of wonderful sharp rich flavours from Italy. However the idea of Chicken Piccata is much more American Italian rather than straight up Italian with veal being the classical Italian Piccata. That said it works really well with chicken but I can't quite bring myself to serve it with pasta as a side. It just doesn't fit with my food sensibilities, I really don't like or get pasta as a side. Anyway I digress, chicken has a wonderful affinity with sharp flavours and you will find examples of lemon chicken in dishes as far and wide as China to North Africa and Europe to the Americas. It just works. This one is simply a chicken breast perfectly cooked in butter, my love of butter is well documented here. It is then rested whilst a pan [...]

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