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Fish and Seafood Recipes!

For some strange reason it never occurred to me that we would loose access to great sea food when we moved to landlocked Hungary… Dumb I know but there are some things you just do not consider. This section may be light on content but you can rest assured that any dishes on here are proper corkers, given the price I have to pay to get these ingredients there is no way they get wasted on bad recipes 😉

Spicy Szechuan Shrimp Stir Fry

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Krumpli is littered with quick Friday Fakeaway dinners but this spicy Szechuan shrimp stir fry is probably the quickest of all… I have it down as 15 minutes prep and 5 minutes cooking but that is allowing for a sip of wine or beer as the prep work happens and a chat as you go, if your concentrating you can prep in 5-10 minutes which puts this recipe at 10-15 minutes from fridge/cupboard to table and it is all from scratch

Hungarian Catfish Paprikash, Harcsapaprikas

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Paprikash is a Hungarian dish known in the main for its chicken variant, I’ve seen chicken paprikash recipes attempted by writers from all over the world but it’s lesser known cousin Catfish Paprikash of harscapaprikás as it is known around these parts is just as common in our corner of Hungary.

Orange and Harissa Salmon with Fennel

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I have no idea if this harissa salmon dish is a salad or not, but given that I am not much one for labels who cares, one thing it most certainly is though, is a delightfully light yet filling summer dish rocking the spicy aromatic flavours of harissa and rosewater mixed with orange and fennel.

Smoked Mackerel Fusilli With Chili

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This Smoked Mackerel Fusilli With Chili is a super simple, frugal and incredibly quick pasta dish that I see as a winter dish as it contains ingredients that are largely neutral in their seasonality but flavour wise it really screams winter for me. The vibrance of the lemon and chili combination sits so well along side the smoky, salty mackerel and screams the Mediterranean to me.

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