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Pork Recipes!

I personally think pork is an often under used and certainly an under rated meat, here you will find everything from staples such as home made sausages through to some of my favourite Fakeaway dishes. The humble pig provides a typically very lean meat that is often considered to have a tendency to dry out, however with a trusty meat thermometer you can create restaurant worthy dishes full of flavour that will convince the most porcine opposed diner!

Tue, 05Dec, 2017

Faggots and Mash with Peas

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Here I go being all populist again, I don’t care how popular rabbit or venison or wild boar are, this is just the food I love and this one is that to the power of a dozen or so! This one is an old friend of a recipe from my childhood, faggots and mash…

Thu, 12Oct, 2017

Camembert Pork Tenderloin with Fennel

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It would seem that I have a thing for pork tenderloin at the moment, this French inspired Camembert Pork Tenderloin joins a recent Chinese inspired pork tenderloin recipe. It is such a fab cut of meat so soft and tender, as far as I am concerned I would take this stuff over beef fillet in a heartbeat.

Fri, 22Sep, 2017

Roasted Pear with Blue Cheese and Pork Loin Steak

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Mint and peas, ham and cheese, beer and anything, some things just go so well together and another of these perfect partners is Pear and Blue cheese and this recipe or roasted pear with blue cheese comes with a buttery nutty seedy crumble and a really simple piece of pork loin and a fab cider sauce to hold it all together.