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Pork Recipes!

I personally think pork is an often under used and certainly an under rated meat, here you will find everything from staples such as home made sausages through to some of my favourite Fakeaway dishes. The humble pig provides a typically very lean meat that is often considered to have a tendency to dry out, however with a trusty meat thermometer you can create restaurant worthy dishes full of flavour that will convince the most porcine opposed diner!

Thu, 27Jul, 2017

Roasted Pork Loin with Carrot

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In many ways this food very much reminds me of the sort of food we ate growing up, roasted meat and 2 or 3 veg, that was very much what I knew as food as a child, although it was more likely to be belly draft rather than roasted pork loin.

Tue, 23May, 2017

Baked Scotch Egg

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Even just the word Scotch Egg evokes such strong childhood memories for me and these baked scotch egg are the number 1 item in an picnic as far as I am concerned.

Fri, 12May, 2017

Spring Ham Hock Salad

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Look at me getting all fancy, this Ham Hock Salad may look incredibly impressive but it really is very achievable in your own home and the kicker is that it costs very little to make and tastes like a million dollars!