Salads, Sides and Store Cupboard Essentials!

>>>Salads, Sides and Store Cupboard Essentials!
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Salads, Sides and Store Cupboard Essentials!

This category is a bit of a catch all, you will find everything from sides, to salads and pickles to sauces. Given that we grow a huge amount of our own produce we try and set it aside and use it throughout the barren months of winter and early spring.  I try to not produce too many preserving recipes in any single year as I reckon I could post a new one every week from May through to October!

Fri, 14Jul, 2017

Panzanella Salad Picnic Perfection

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As a Brit I am almost obligated to point out that a Panzanella Salad is the second best way to use up older 'stale' bread, naturally the best way is of course bread and butter pudding... But you are pretty hard pushed to enjoy a bread and butter pudding on a summers day on a picnic, a panzanella salad on the other hand is a completely different matter, it is perfect for a picnic.

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