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Soup and Stew Recipes!

If you ask me to define comfort food then I would probably point to any recipe on this page, as far as I am concerned a bowl of soup or stew is food to warm the heart… And do not think that these dishes are just for winter, there are a whole host of lighter broth based soups that are perfect for a summers day, just as comforting just a little lighter!

Tue, 07Nov, 2017

Tom Yum Soup

Fish and Seafood Recipes, Soups & Stews|

I love thai flavours, there is just something magical about the combinations of flavours that are pure magic, this Tom Yum Soup relies on all of the flavours you associate with that part of the world, lemongrass, kafir lime leaf, fish sauce and of course chili all feature in this soup.

Tue, 26Sep, 2017


Soups & Stews, Vegetarian Recipes|

The Italians just seem to own frugal, hearty, magical peasant food and this Ribollita is just another example of that, whether it is risotto or pasta, great Italian food is often cheap as chips to make and packs such an incredible punch of flavour.

Tue, 13Dec, 2016

Cream of Celeriac Soup

Soups & Stews|

Let's face it the humble celeriac is one hell of a fugly vegetable, but behind the lumps and bumps of a colour so nondescript it defies description lies, in my opinion, the tastiest of root vegetables.

Tue, 11Oct, 2016

Venison Stew With Champ

Soups & Stews|

I'm back pushing the wild meat again today and this venison stew really is a wonderfully simple dish that tastes a million dollars. Just like my recent wild boar stew I am not aiming to convert people to using wild meats all the time, I'm just saying they are out there, they taste great and really they are not difficult to cook with at all.

Tue, 30Aug, 2016

Tomato and Orecchiette Pasta Soup

Pasta Recipes, Soups & Stews, Vegetarian Recipes|

I see a load of people cooking lighter meals in the summer but for me I work hard in often brutally hot weather in the summer so need need my food to be robust enough to keep me going but still light and fresh in flavour and Tomato and Orecchiette Pasta Soup is my idea of the perfect hearty meal that does not feel like a chore to plough through.

Fri, 15Apr, 2016

Quick Asian Chicken and Shrimp Soup

Chicken & Other Bird Recipes, Fish and Seafood Recipes, Soups & Stews, Spicy Recipes|

For some strange reason soups are often thought of as 'second class citizens' when it comes to cooking and I have no idea why, anything that can be as diverse and tasty as a bowl of simple consomme (despite all its complexity in making) or as big and bold as this chicken and shrimp soup should be celebrated as far as I am concerned.

Fri, 18Mar, 2016

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

Soups & Stews, Vegetarian Recipes|

My roasted butternut squash soup is a recipe that I developed to dispel the notion that I don't like all things 'pumpkin', for years the only exposure I had to squashes were nasty insipid and overly sweet pumpkin soups that pretty much made up my mind that I did not like pumpkin at all!

Fri, 04Mar, 2016

Winter Vegetable Minestrone Soup

Soups & Stews|

Minestrone soup for me is always an opportunity to use up seasonal produce and given that we are at the tail end of winter my winter vegetable minestrone soup is loaded with what ever vegetables we still have in our pantry.

Tue, 16Feb, 2016

Slow Cooker Sauerkraut Soup

Soups & Stews|

This slow cooker Sauerkraut Soup recipe represents a new type of post for me, one where I have let someone else take the strain to a certain degree… As is fairly common I assume for someone who spends a lot of time thinking, eating, reading and writing about food I do read a load of other blogs and figured it is about time I road test some recipes I like the look of and ‘dish’ out some recommendations.

Tue, 05Jan, 2016

French Onion Soup

Soups & Stews|

French Onion Soup feels like an old friend to me, I think it was one of the first dishes I taught myself to cook when I left home and went to college, it is a fabulously frugal recipe that pack a huge punch of flavour and is perfectly hearty and warming.

Sat, 17Oct, 2015

Roasted Curried Parsnip Soup

Soups & Stews, Vegetarian Recipes|

I love curried parsnip soup and one of the great triumphs in our garden this year is finally the success of parsnips, a vegetable rarely heard of in Hungary, the relatively similar but definitely not the same parsley root rules the day out here and it just does not work in this type of soup!

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