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Sweet and Savoury Snack Recipes!

My recipes are not necessarily healthy and I guess I can get away with eating some seriously indulgent food by virtue of the fact that neither myself or my wife snack or eat desserts often. But we are not robots and we do indulge on occasions, most of the recipes here will be seriously indulgent and feature lots of childhood memories as that is where my snacking and love of sweet stuff is all based.

InstantPot Rice Pudding Brulee

March 31st, 2017|InstantPot Recipes, Sweet and Savoury Snacks|

Hold the front page people this InstantPot rice pudding recipe marks a major landmark for me, I have managed to crawl over the line of 10, yes a massive 10 sweet recipes here on Krumpli. Regular readers will know they are a rarity here and not because I don't like sweets, I just don't like them as much as savouries.

Cherry Clafoutis: A French Classic

June 10th, 2016|Sweet and Savoury Snacks|

Desserts really are not my forte, I have a repertoire of hundreds of savoury recipes but not many when it comes to sweet stuff, although my Cherry Clafoutis is one that I kinda rock like a good un'. I am not too adventurous when it comes to desserts and tend to stick to fairly classical ideas with just a few twists and this Cherry Clafoutis is no different!

One Basic Donut Recipe – Endless Possibilities

July 19th, 2015|Sweet and Savoury Snacks|

  A basic donut recipe unlocks a world of possibilities, glazed, powdered, filled, bright & frivolous or sophisticated and indulgent. What's your favourite? It would be very easy to take the Donut Recipe and spin it out into a million posts but that will be cheating you guys and a case of writing for writing sake. So here you go just one basic donut recipe and then you can run [...]

Cherry Bakewell Tart or Frangipane Tart

June 10th, 2015|Sweet and Savoury Snacks|

  Mr Kiplings Bakewell Tart are a happy memory from childhood, but this grown up version is better, I think Almond and Cherry are made for each other Cherry Bakewell Tart or Frangipane Tart As a child a cherry Bakewell tart was a firm favourite of mine. However, they looked very different to this and were unbelievably sweet. They were covered in a fondant icing and featured a Glace Cherry [...]