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Sweet and Savoury Snack Recipes!

My recipes are not necessarily healthy and I guess I can get away with eating some seriously indulgent food by virtue of the fact that neither myself or my wife snack or eat desserts often. But we are not robots and we do indulge on occasions, most of the recipes here will be seriously indulgent and feature lots of childhood memories as that is where my snacking and love of sweet stuff is all based.

Fri, 10Jun, 2016

Cherry Clafoutis: A French Classic

Sweet and Savoury Snacks|

Desserts really are not my forte, I have a repertoire of hundreds of savoury recipes but not many when it comes to sweet stuff, although my Cherry Clafoutis is one that I kinda rock like a good un'. I am not too adventurous when it comes to desserts and tend to stick to fairly classical ideas with just a few twists and this Cherry Clafoutis is no different!

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