Instant Pot Braised Pork Belly Puffed Crackling

Braised pork belly in apple juice given a huge speed boost in the Instant Pot. It is then pressed and served with the most incredible puffed cracking, caramelised apples and celeriac mash!

Sometimes spending time in the kitchen to create a tasty meal and for me this is undeniably one of those meals! It is as cheap as chips to make and owing to the magic of pork belly it packs a punch of flavour that most meats cannot get anywhere near. I have written about pork belly before here on Krumpli and it is certainly one of my favourite cuts of meat.

Faggots and Mash with Peas

Faggots and Mash were the meatballs I grew up in the UK they have sadly fallen out of favour but these old skool classics are still my favourite

Here I go being all populist again, I don’t care how popular rabbit or venison or wild boar are, this is just the food I love and this one is that to the power of a dozen or so! This one is an old friend of a recipe from my childhood, faggots and mash…