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>>Beef & Lamb Recipes

Two types of meat that are a favourite of mine but very difficult to get your hands on in Rural Hungary, so you can be sure that the recipes in here are subject to great scrutiny as waste would be unthinkable ;)

Veal Scallopini


This simple veal scallopini recipe contains some of my favourite flavours to create a complete and pretty quick meal. Lemon, capers, butter, lemon and anchovies all crop up regularly here on Krumpli. Not least in my chicken piccata recipe which is an American take on the classic Italian Veal Scallopini Piccata.

Veal Scallopini2018-09-13T06:26:23+00:00

Bacon Wrapped Grilled Stuffed Onions


Do I have a treat for you with these bacon-wrapped grilled stuffed onions! Where on earth do I start, grilled onions are amazing, smokey, sweet and glorious. But then wrap them in bacon and yowsers. Hold your horses though these are stuffed onions, stuffed with a fennel and Worcestershire sauce meatball... Then to blow your mind just a little bit more glazed with a BBQ sauce.

Bacon Wrapped Grilled Stuffed Onions2018-08-05T14:17:13+00:00

Traditional Cornish Pasty


A traditional Cornish Pasty dates back to the 13th century and unsurprisingly is the source of much discussion, nay argument. However to call this dish famous in the UK would be an understatement, any food stuff name checked in classics like the Robin Hood Chronicles, the Canterbury Tales and no less than three works of Shakespeare is no shrinking violet.

Traditional Cornish Pasty2018-08-05T13:28:26+00:00

Moroccan Beef Meatballs with Bulgur Wheat and Chickpeas


These Moroccan influenced beef meatballs join an ever growing list of meatballs from around the world, meatballs are just magic, a wonderfully economic way of stretching meat a little further and providing a big hearty meal at a bargain basement cost.

Moroccan Beef Meatballs with Bulgur Wheat and Chickpeas2018-08-03T12:51:05+00:00

Lamb Rogan Josh


You all knew that it would not be long before I got a curry on my site in 2018 and this Lamb Rogan Josh is bought to you by some good fortune after spending sometime out shopping (joy of joys) between Christmas and New Year.

Lamb Rogan Josh2018-08-02T13:40:01+00:00

Instant Pot Beef Bourguinon With Celeriac Mash


It is definitely stew season so I broke out my Instant Pot to work on a new beef bourguinon recipe and this bad boy is great… It is fit and ready to go in an hour rather than the several hours it would normally take and uses probably the cheapest cut of beef you can find, shin,

Instant Pot Beef Bourguinon With Celeriac Mash2018-08-02T13:30:13+00:00
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