Indian Lamb Burger

This Lamb Burger is inspired by Indian flavours, light bright and zingy with hints of fenugreek, cumin and turmeric and elements of a Kachumber salad.

This lamb burger recipe is very much influenced by my love of Indian flavours. That does not mean that it should be confused with a ‘curry burger’! The flavours here are the same sweet and sour flavours often associated with burgers.

Calves Liver With Jerusalem Artichokes

I love liver, this calves liver recipe is an 'ensemble recipe' all wrapped around very simply pan fried calves liver cooked nice and pink.

I love cooking and eating with offal. This calves liver recipe is the latest foray into the often maligned world of cooking with ‘variety meats’. Calves liver is often seen as the Rolls Royce of the offal world by many.

Beef Noodle Soup

Simple ingredients get an Asian twist in this Chinese and Taiwanese influenced beef noodle soup, super quick to make and full of big flavour!

I love a good bowl of soup and this easy beef noodle soup joins a couple of chicken noodle soup recipes here on Krumpli. In the main, the ingredients in this quick soup recipe are store cupboard essentials. Well, they are for me anyway, soy sauces and rice wine are as common a feature in my pantry as salt and pepper.

Veal Scallopini

Veal scallopini takes a wonderful piece of veal escalope and combines it with a vibrant wine, caper and lemon sauce to create a delicious simple meal!

This simple veal scallopini recipe contains some of my favourite flavours to create a complete and pretty quick meal. Lemon, capers, butter, lemon and anchovies all crop up regularly here on Krumpli. Not least in my chicken piccata recipe which is an American take on the classic Italian Veal Scallopini Piccata.