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Chicken is an often under rated meat due to over supply of poor quality poultry, but good quality chicken is a thing of great beauty!

General Tso’s Chicken


  General Tso’s chicken. General Tso’s Chicken is one of those relatively modern day dishes with a surprisingly disputed history. One would think that dishes developed as recently as the 1970’s would have their history clearly defined. It is a constant source of amusement that this is often not the case. In similar fashion the history of both the Chicken Tikka Masala and Balti Curry are both hotly disputed. What is undeniably true is that as a species we humans live to argue about shit that really aint all that important. The thing that is generally accepted is that it [...]

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Pepper Chicken Chettinad


  Pepper Chicken Chettinad. There are a whole host of Chicken Chettinad recipe on the web and I have no idea which is authentic, but I do know which sort of iteration is my favourite. Unsurprisingly it is this one! While it may be true that there is a variety of iterations of Chicken Chettinad the common theme among them all is the importance and prevalence of black pepper. I have mentioned numerous times how much I love black pepper, in fact I think it is the most underrated, or at least most taken for granted [...]

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Pan Fried Duck Breast with Braised Endive and Anchovy Sauce


  Pan Fried Duck Breast with Braised Endive and Anchovy Sauce Surely you all know by now how much I love cooking with duck and this pan fried duck breast joins recipes as diverse as Duck Tikka Massala to a classic Duck a l‘Orange. As can be seen from these photographs I am also rather keen on rare/pink duck and this recipe plays around with a new technique for me. Surprisingly I have never really got on with the cold pan method of cooking pan fried duck breast and as a result decided it was time [...]

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CockaLeekie Soup


Regular readers will probably have formed the opinion that I am largely still a child and the smile that the name of this recipe causes to spread across my face will only underline that, cockaleekie soup is a gloriously old fashioned recipe and not just for its really rather wonderful name!

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Slow Cooker White Chicken Chili


I've seen lots of white chicken chili recipes over the last few years and I have erred between scorn and intrigued so a few months ago I figured I would give it a try, I was pleasantly surprised and have spent the last few weeks working on tweaking and simplifying my approach to work in a slow cooker.

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