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I do have a weakness for hot and spicy food, whether that be Indian, South East Asian or even a fiery glaze on a piece of chicken or pork… Sometimes the only thing that can hit the spot is some chili!

Pepper Chicken Chettinad


  A fiery hot dry curry from the south of India, Chicken Chettinad is typified by its reliance on black pepper for both heat and flavour and is a real barnstormer. Pepper Chicken Chettinad. There are a whole host of Chicken Chettinad recipes, or indeed Chettinad chicken, on the web and I have no idea which of them are authentic. I do know which sort of iteration is my favourite. Unsurprisingly it is this one! Chettinad chicken is essentially a pepper chicken dish, no not that sort of pepper chicken! While it may be true that [...]

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Spicy Szechuan Shrimp Stir Fry


Krumpli is littered with quick Friday Fakeaway dinners but this spicy Szechuan shrimp stir fry is probably the quickest of all… I have it down as 15 minutes prep and 5 minutes cooking but that is allowing for a sip of wine or beer as the prep work happens and a chat as you go, if your concentrating you can prep in 5-10 minutes which puts this recipe at 10-15 minutes from fridge/cupboard to table and it is all from scratch

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