Who, What, Why, When?

French trimmed zaatar chicken legs served on a black plate with Israeli cous cous and pomegranate seeds

About Me!

My name is Brian and I’m from Birmingham in the UK. Back in 2008, I moved to Rural Hungary with my wife. We had designs of growing food, brewing wine and living the good life…

All these years later we are still here and despite things being a little different than we expected we are still living the dream.

Largely living off the spoils of our 5,500m² plot of land…  

Teriyaki Shrimp with broccoli served in a blue bowl with chopsticks set against a bright white background.

Where Did It All Start?

Sometime in the spring of 2007, I had a conversation with my wife that was the spark for a grand adventure.

I cannot quite remember when it was or indeed how the conversation went but it kinda revolved around buying a summer house somewhere.

We had already booked tickets to the Sziget Festival in Budapest in August 2007 by this time. So whilst we were originally considering Estonia we figured that it could not hurt to take a look around Hungary.

Now even then we had no intention of leaving the UK permanently or even actually buying we were just looking.

We had taken a day out of the sweat, dust, and booze of the festival (I even missed a great set by Nine Inch Nails) to take a drive around the Great Hungarian Plain about 160km east of Budapest.

Pressed pork belly served with pea shoots and cherries served on a black plate against a dark background.

What Happened Next?

I should point out that the woman I refer to as my wife was at this point in August 2007 my Fiance…

Anyway over the next few days this somewhat rather bizarre, magical and somewhat mental idea started to ferment.

I have no idea what started it but pretty soon the idea of a summer house in Estonia had snowballed into a full-time smallholding in Rural Hungary!

When I say days I mean days, so much so that within two weeks we had decided we had to purchase the house, quit our jobs squeeze in a wedding and move to Hungary.

So in October 2007 just 56 days after we left the Sziget festival we returned to Hungary and paid for our house.

We then returned to the UK, planned our wedding and explained to our friends and families our rather eccentric cunning plan.

No, we had not spoken to anyone else about this before we bought the house.

We got on a plane 191 days later with a one-way ticket as a married couple and have not looked back!

Bonbons made from confit duck legs served on a carrot puree and fresh steamed asparagus on a white plate against a bright background.

My Food!

Everything I have done since I moved here in 2008 has had some form of a slant towards food and drink. Whether that be growing it, fermenting it, preserving it or cooking it.

But my relationship with food goes even further back, I have been an enthusiastic cook since my late teens.

The food you find here is the food I love. My tastes are eclectic, you will find food influenced by global tastes. Although my main influences are European or Asian, so plenty to be getting on with.

You may find ingredients that you are less than familiar with in my recipes. Shout up if you need help, I’m happy to chat about them and any applicable substitutes.

Although if I can find them in rural Hungary without using the internet I am sure you can with a little effort.

I am not on a diet, I have never been on a diet. I make no claims about my food other than it tastes great.

So expect no lifestyle, health or dietary advice here. Be warned, you may be gently mocked for introducing topics of this type!

Take away style sweet and sour chicken served in two Asian style flowery bowls and two pints of beer!

My Photography.

I firmly believe that my photographs should represent the food you can cook at home.

As a result, my photoshoots have a strict 5 minute time limit and I always eat a warm dinner!

This is real food, this is the dinner I eat and the dinner I feed to my wife… It is not primped and poked and cooked in the middle of the afternoon when the light is good.

It comes you of the pan or the oven and is put on a plate, quickly photographed with the help of some lights and then eaten.

French trimmed chicken legs served on a romesco sauce with steamed broccoli and almonds, served on a white plate against a wood grain background.