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Who, What, Why, When?

About Me!

My name is Brian and I’m from Birmingham in the UK. Back in 2008, I moved to Rural Hungary with my wife.

The abridged version goes something like this… We went to a music festival, got drunk, bought a house, quit our jobs, got married and dumped the 9 to 5 and moved to a country where we did not speak the language.

All in less than 6 months!

We had designs for growing food, brewing wine and living the good life and we did for a long old time.

We returned to the UK in 2021, don’t worry I’ve bought plenty of Hungarian recipes with me… and we will be returning each summer!

Cooking for Two.

Almost all of my cooking is for two people, and in many ways, this site was set up to fill a gap.

Seemingly every site on the web thinks small-batch cooking is for 4, many cater for 6-8 and don’t get me started on cookbooks!

Family sizes are reducing and the old adage of a family unit being 2.4 children is rapidly fading.

Almost everything here is designed for two and if not it is perfect for freezing or repurposing and I will tell you how.

I Hate Waste!

I grow food so nothing pains my aching bones than throwing good produce away.

Now, much of the bounty mother nature offers is far from ideal for the smaller family.

Everything from pumpkins to cabbages are much more at home feeding 8 rather than 2.

And we all know that roasting big hunks of meat leaves leftovers for a week!

But that does not mean that the smaller family should avoid this wonderful produce. We just have to plan a little smarter!

If I am using this produce I will endeavour to provide lots of options for meals using up the leftovers. Options that are hopefully really diverse!

My Food!

The food you find here is the food I love. My tastes are eclectic and you will find food influenced by a host of global cuisines.

Food for me is the most beautiful illustration of the movement of people and the influences that they take with them on their travels!

You may find some ingredients that you are less than familiar with in some of my recipes.

I try to flag them up but shout up if you need help, I’m happy to chat about them and any applicable substitutes.

I firmly believe that eating in should be special! Whether it is a 15-minute pasta meal or the fancier offerings on my site they are the best that they can be.

Fad Diet Food.

I am not on a diet, I have never been on a diet and unless a doctor tells me to do so will never go on a diet.

Some of my grub is a dietician’s nightmare and some of it is a dietician’s dream.

I make no claims about it other than it tastes great!

Expect no lifestyle, health or dietary advice here.

Be warned you may be gently mocked for asking where my food fits into whatever fad diet is popular this year!