This rich mushroom ragu recipe is the perfect vegetarian meal and is served on a wonderfully comforting cheesy Gruyere polenta.

Mushroom Ragu With Cheesy Polenta

My wife has been bending my ear for weeks to come up with a new dish to serve over polenta and this Mushroom Ragu is the sign of my capitulation. To be honest she even started hinting in the height of summer. She just lurves polenta!

Dan Dan noodles are a spicy noodle dish traditionally featuring ground pork of the much loved Sichuan cuisine, a perfect midweek fakeaway.

Dan Dan Noodles

Dandan noodles or dandanmian as a Chinese dish from the Szechuan province. It typically contains chili oil, ground pork, Szechuan pepper and some form of preserved vegetable, ordinarily mustard stems.

Pork with prunes is a pretty classic combination and here they feature in a brandy cream sauce alongside pork tenderloin and buttery mashed potato.

Pork With Prunes And Mashed Potatoes

This pork with prunes recipe is what I would call bistro food. It should be the sort of food that pubs and restaurants can knock out of the ballpark every time. Simple, quick, and cooked with few ingredients. It is simple enough for a home cook to make but also fancy enough to make you feel special if you are served it.

A hotpot is a little like a pie with a scalloped potato topping, this chicken hotpot features a mustard sauce and lots of leeks and carrots.

Chicken Hotpot

It is definitely warming comfort food season and my chicken hotpot recipe definitely fits into that category. Flavour filled chicken thighs are cooked on the bone in a roux-thickened sauce. A sauce that is flavoured with wholegrain and dijon mustard and some thyme.

Roast pork chops are always fab and these boneless pork blade or Boston butt chops are roasted on a bed of green beans and white beans in a tomato sauce.

Roast Pork Chops With Beans

These roast pork chops represent a slightly different approach to cooking than my norm. What can I say I like to play and change things up in the kitchen. I guess you could call this a casserole or a stew, throwing things together and getting them to cook in the oven is something I don’t often do.