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There is something so satisfying about a bowl of soup or stew that remind me of feeling warm and safe and cosy, lets face it we all need that feeling every now and then!

CockaLeekie Soup


Regular readers will probably have formed the opinion that I am largely still a child and the smile that the name of this recipe causes to spread across my face will only underline that, cockaleekie soup is a gloriously old fashioned recipe and not just for its really rather wonderful name!

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Tom Yum Soup


I love thai flavours, there is just something magical about the combinations of flavours that are pure magic, this Tom Yum Soup relies on all of the flavours you associate with that part of the world, lemongrass, kafir lime leaf, fish sauce and of course chili all feature in this soup.

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The Italians just seem to own frugal, hearty, magical peasant food and this Ribollita is just another example of that, whether it is risotto or pasta, great Italian food is often cheap as chips to make and packs such an incredible punch of flavour.

Ribollita 2018-04-12T14:56:31+00:00
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