Pepper and Sausage Pasta

Landscape image of an Italian Sausage pasta with roasted peppers and penne pasta served in a blue bowl

Simple pasta recipes are always a great kitchen fall back for those busy days, this roasted pepper and sausage pasta is one of those recipes. Waiting for the sausage to roast in the oven with the peppers is the most difficult part of this recipe.

Ham and Asparagus Pasta

Landscape image of penne asparagus pasta with asparagus spears and Parma ham in a white bowl with vintage cutlery

Pasta is always great for the quick win and in this recipe it is coated in an asparagus puree and then served with blanched asparagus spears. It is then served with some great quality wafer thin parma ham. A perfect, simple summer 30-minute meal! 

Butternut Squash Pasta

My version of butternut squash pasta rejects a blended sauce in favour of beautiful chunks of squash cooked in wine with rosemary and chili.

Often butternut squash pasta recipes take the form of a blended sauce, this recipe is a little different. It features cubes of butternut squash cooked in bacon and chili… I know right! Bacon and chili! It also has a little white wine and some rosemary.

Salami and Leek Pasta

Landscape image of a leek and salami pasta with paccheri pasta served in a white bowl

If there is an ingredient better than pasta at being a midweek meal life saver I have no idea what it is. 10-12 minutes to cook and will work with practically any ingredient you have in your fridge or cupboard. Here we have a salami and leek pasta!