Butternut Squash Pasta

My version of butternut squash pasta rejects a blended sauce in favour of beautiful chunks of squash cooked in wine with rosemary and chili.

Often butternut squash pasta recipes take the form of a blended sauce, this recipe is a little different. It features cubes of butternut squash cooked in bacon and chili… I know right! Bacon and chili! It also has a little white wine and some rosemary.

Salami and Leek Pasta

Landscape image of a leek and salami pasta with paccheri pasta served in a white bowl

If there is an ingredient better than pasta at being a midweek meal life saver I have no idea what it is. 10-12 minutes to cook and will work with practically any ingredient you have in your fridge or cupboard. Here we have a salami and leek pasta!