I have always loved takeaway food, I’ve never eaten them regularly but there is something so special about getting something different delivered to your door. What’s even better is making them yourself and on many occasions it is quicker to make them at home than it is to wait for the dude on the moped!

General Tso’s Chicken


  General Tso’s chicken. General Tso’s Chicken is one of those relatively modern day dishes with a surprisingly disputed history. One would think that dishes developed as recently as the 1970’s would have their history clearly defined. It is a constant source of amusement that this is often not the case. In similar fashion the history of both the Chicken Tikka Masala and Balti Curry are both hotly disputed. What is undeniably true is that as a species we humans live to argue about shit that really aint all that important. The thing that is generally accepted is that it [...]

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Pepper Chicken Chettinad


  Pepper Chicken Chettinad. There are a whole host of Chicken Chettinad recipe on the web and I have no idea which is authentic, but I do know which sort of iteration is my favourite. Unsurprisingly it is this one! While it may be true that there is a variety of iterations of Chicken Chettinad the common theme among them all is the importance and prevalence of black pepper. I have mentioned numerous times how much I love black pepper, in fact I think it is the most underrated, or at least most taken for granted [...]

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Spicy Szechuan Shrimp Stir Fry


Krumpli is littered with quick Friday Fakeaway dinners but this spicy Szechuan shrimp stir fry is probably the quickest of all… I have it down as 15 minutes prep and 5 minutes cooking but that is allowing for a sip of wine or beer as the prep work happens and a chat as you go, if your concentrating you can prep in 5-10 minutes which puts this recipe at 10-15 minutes from fridge/cupboard to table and it is all from scratch

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Sweet and Sour Roast Pork Tenderloin With Egg Fried Rice


It would seem that I am on a full fakeaway run here on Krumpli to kick off 2018, Lamb Rogan Josh, Keema Matar and now a sweet and sour roast pork tenderloin with egg fried rice. I honestly have no real idea why, I rarely have any clue what I am doing in terms of a wider plan,

Sweet and Sour Roast Pork Tenderloin With Egg Fried Rice 2018-04-18T11:58:38+00:00

Lamb Rogan Josh


You all knew that it would not be long before I got a curry on my site in 2018 and this Lamb Rogan Josh is bought to you by some good fortune after spending sometime out shopping (joy of joys) between Christmas and New Year.

Lamb Rogan Josh 2018-04-18T08:02:01+00:00

Beef Bhuna


A Bhuna pronounced boona is probably one of the most common dishes on a British Indian Curry House menu, any my fakeaway beef bhuna plays with the same ideas of a really thick and unctuous tomato based sauce coating big chunks of beef.

Beef Bhuna 2018-04-12T15:05:49+00:00
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