This Asian Fish En Papillote features a classic French technique with bright and vibrant Asian flavours, you cannot beat a whole sea bass cooked on the bone

Asian Fish En Papillote (Sea Bass)

This Asian Fish En Papillote recipe uses a fresh whole sea bass with great vibrant Asian flavours. It comes hot on the back of a whole tandoori fish recipe that used very different Asian flavours. Cooking en papillote may sound fancy but it essentially is nowt more than cooking in a ‘bag’.

These wonderful sardine and salmon fish cakes are packed full of great spring flavours and come served with fantastic creamed leeks.

Sardine and Salmon Fish Cakes With Creamed Leeks

If you have been hanging out here for a while you a) need to get out more and b) know that I have a bit of a thing for fish cakes, as a result the appearance of these salmon fish cakes should not be a surprise. They appear at a time of the year that is always very strange as a cook because it is not quite summer but not really hearty comfort food weather either.

Call it what you will, potato frittata, Spanish omlette tortilla española or even tortilla de patatas you still have a great base for the most simple and frugal of meals, this one uses smoked trout and capers to push it over the edge!

Smoked Trout Potato Frittata

This Smoked Trout Potato Frittata is another smoked fish recipe hereon krumpli, one that joins a fairly long list. In many ways this is because it is difficult to get fish that is to my taste here on the great Hungarian Plain, but also because I love the stuff.