Beef Stroganoff

A rare Russian classic and truly global recipe, beef stroganoff is a homely warming rich dish that is remarkably quick and simple!

This beef stroganoff has been a long time in coming, I posted my mushroom stroganoff recipe almost 2 years ago and stated back then that I would choose mushroom stroganoff over beef any day of the week. That thought kinda irked me a little, shrooms are great but c’mon it’s beef it’s gotta be good right? Anyway I went back to the drawing board, I mean all the way back to recipes from the 1800’s.

Mutton or Lamb Hotpot

What's a hotpot? A gloriously British dish of a hearty stew cooked under a scalloped potato top, this mutton or Lamb hotpot is proper old school and rah!

At the heart of a good hotpot is a great stew and at the heart of a great stew is the right type of meat, the name kinda gives it away with this mutton hotpot, I have used mutton… Essentially old lamb, over a couple of years old!

No Messin’ Veal Burger

This Veal Burger is my idea of a real indulgent treat, a ground rose veal patty is accompanied by nutty Gouda cheese, Parma Ham and sticky cooked Onions.

A good burger is a thing of great beauty and my veal burger is a thing of great beauty, in many ways real simple but also really indulgent. Just like most food I think greatness lies in attention to detail, so the Parma ham for this veal burger is cooked between two baking sheets so that it does not shrivel up. It isn’t just because it looks better but it eats better too, you don’t get one piece of shriveled up ham in the middle but a single layer in every bite.