Faggots and Mash with Peas

Faggots and Mash were the meatballs I grew up in the UK they have sadly fallen out of favour but these old skool classics are still my favourite

Here I go being all populist again, I don’t care how popular rabbit or venison or wild boar are, this is just the food I love and this one is that to the power of a dozen or so! This one is an old friend of a recipe from my childhood, faggots and mash…

Pot Roast Rabbit Pasta

Rabbit is a much underused meat, delicate and lean it makes a perfect and simple sauce in this pot roast rabbit pasta recipe.

This simple pot roast rabbit pasta is the third rabbit dish I have here on Krumpli and if any of them will convert you it is this one. You will not believe the clean but magical flavours that just scream out of this most unassuming of dishes.

Mutton or Lamb Hotpot

What's a hotpot? A gloriously British dish of a hearty stew cooked under a scalloped potato top, this mutton or Lamb hotpot is proper old school and rah!

At the heart of a good hotpot is a great stew and at the heart of a great stew is the right type of meat, the name kinda gives it away with this mutton hotpot, I have used mutton… Essentially old lamb, over a couple of years old!