Pork With Prunes And Mashed Potatoes

Pork with prunes is a pretty classic combination and here they feature in a brandy cream sauce alongside pork tenderloin and buttery mashed potato.

This pork with prunes recipe is what I would call bistro food. It should be the sort of food that pubs and restaurants can knock out of the ballpark every time. Simple, quick, and cooked with few ingredients. It is simple enough for a home cook to make but also fancy enough to make you feel special if you are served it.

Roast Pork Chops With Beans

Roast pork chops are always fab and these boneless pork blade or Boston butt chops are roasted on a bed of green beans and white beans in a tomato sauce.

These roast pork chops represent a slightly different approach to cooking than my norm. What can I say I like to play and change things up in the kitchen. I guess you could call this a casserole or a stew, throwing things together and getting them to cook in the oven is something I don’t often do. 

Indonesian Braised Pork

This Indonesian braised pork is braised in a dark soy sauce based stock and is rich, sweet and full of wonderful aromatic flavours and not only fills your belly but makes your house smell amazing!

I am always on the hunt for new stew recipes at this time of year. This braised pork stew from South East Asia is my latest discovery. This Babi Chin recipe is essentially pork cooked in a dark soy sauce based stock. It is superb, dark, sweet, salty and all sorts of comforting.