Few flavours work as well together as pea and ham and as a result this pea and ham risotto with goats cheese adds another dimension to that perfect couple!

Pea and Ham Risotto with Goats Cheese

I have waxed lyrical about the core ingredients in this pea and ham risotto previously and it is another iteration of flavours that will repeat here forever. Why? Well simply because they are magical, salty ham, slightly acidic goats cheese and sweet peas are a match made in heaven as far as I am concerned.

A real hearty and comforting dish, a perfect Italian sausage ragu over a rich and indulgent cheesy polenta, pass me the red wine!

Italian Sausage Ragu With Cheesy Polenta

I’ve been sausage ragu recipes on t’interweb for a while, and I figured that it would be a good way to expand my sausage repertoire… I’ve been making my own sausages for years so the process was not too intimidating and they were yummy.

Anything wrapped in bacon is awesome so this simple bacon wrapped baked pork tenderloin really owns it and the whole meal is more simple than it looks. All told this can be on your table in a shade under an hour.

Bacon Wrapped Baked Pork Tenderloin With Balsamic Carrots

There are so man great things on the plate in this bacon wrapped baked pork tenderloin recipe, all designed to be relatively subtle so that the subtle flavour of the pork tenderloin is still there. I like cooking with pork tenderloin as it is super quick and simple to prepare, this whole recipe, all four elements can be on your plate in an hour or less and it feels special despite being all rather simple.