Smoked Trout Potato Frittata

Call it what you will, potato frittata, Spanish omelette, tortilla española or even tortilla de patatas you still have a great base for the most simple and frugal of meals, this one uses smoked trout and capers to push it over the edge!

This Smoked Trout Potato Frittata is another smoked fish recipe hereon krumpli, one that joins a fairly long list. In many ways this is because it is difficult to get fish that is to my taste here on the great Hungarian Plain, but also because I love the stuff.

Pea and Ham Risotto with Goats Cheese

Few flavours work as well together as pea and ham and this pea and ham risotto with goats cheese adds another dimension to that perfect couple!

I have waxed lyrical about the core ingredients in this pea and ham risotto previously and it is another iteration of flavours that will repeat here forever. Why? Well simply because they are magical, salty ham, slightly acidic goats cheese and sweet peas are a match made in heaven as far as I am concerned.