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Easy Pasta Carbonara with Peas and Bacon

Pasta Carbonara with peas may be controversial to some but those explosions of sweetness with the salty bacon and silky pasta are heaven to me.

Other than the peas this dish sticks pretty faithfully to the relatively modern Italian pasta dish that has become a firm favourite.

Pasta carbonara with peas and bacon served in a white bowl.

Classic Carbonara Sauce with a Little Extra.

Pasta carbonara is a relatively modern classic recipe, only appearing in writing in the mid 1940’s.

Origins stories range from the eggs and bacon being abundant at the end of WWII thanks to US troops through to a link to mining communities.

Carbonara with peas is often considered to be controversial! In fact, any derivation from classic ingredients seems to inspire more ire in Italian food than any other cuisine.

I care little about that though. I love those sweet explosions provided by garden peas contrasted with the sweet and salty bacon and the silky parmesan rich sauce.

Peas with pasta are definitely my mojo! They get tossed into a host of dishes ranging from my pasta with peas based on a classic Pasta e Piselli to salmon and pea pasta and prawn and pea pasta.

I also have a pea pesto recipe and I even stir them through my tuna pasta salad.

Peas aside my sauce is really classic and contains no cream.

It relies on the heat of the pasta to just cook the eggs and melt the parmesan cheese. It gets an extra silkiness and seasoning from stirring through a little pasta cooking water just before serving.

If you are looking for a creamier sauce, then you should check out my creamy chicken and bacon pasta recipe.

Pasta carbonara with peas and bacon picked up with a fork.

Frequently Asked Questions

What bacon should I use?

Traditionally pasta carbonara is made with guanciale Italian cured pork from the jowl or cheek area. Many online recipes suggest subbing this for pancetta.

My approach is slightly different! I love local produce and no matter where you live you will almost certainly have some great locally produced cured pork.

Use that hunt it down and cherish it. It will almost certainly be better than the overpriced export quality pork you will buy at the supermarket.

Just be sure to get something with a good amount of fat as that is really important in this recipe.

Can I use fresh peas?

Yes, of course, just drop them into the pasta water for 2 minutes rather than 1.

Why do you defrost the peas before heating?

I do this so that I am not throwing a “pea ice cube” into the pasta water because this will stop the pasta cooking.

Defrosting the peas is easy, put them in a sieve and run cold water over them. They will defrost by the time you need them if you do it as the first step.

What pasta should I use?

I personally favour tagliatelle, but fettuccini or even pappardelle work well. Spaghetti is often a recurring recommendation, but it certainly isn’t my favourite.

Close up tagliatelle carbonara with peas and bacon.

Cooking Hints and Tips.

Whilst this carbonara sauce with peas recipe is insanely simple there are a couple of things that can make it go horribly wrong.

First and foremost make sure you do not add the eggs to a pan over the heat.

This will almost certainly result in pasta with scrambled eggs. Whilst I am good to go for niche recipes that one is just plain nasty!

Secondly, if you are the sort of person that keeps their eggs in the fridge then bring them up to room temperature before cooking this recipe.

Finally as with all pasta recipes do no discard all of the cooking water. Adding a little into the sauce will add the final gloss to the dish.

Silky pasta carbonara with peas, bacon and tagliatelle pasta.
Yield: 2 Servings

Pasta Carbonara with Peas Recipe

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes

Delicious sweet explosions of garden pea make a wonderful addition to an otherwise traditional pasta carbonara.


  • 150g (5oz) Smoked Fatty Bacon or Ham
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1 Egg Yolk
  • 50g (1/2 Cup) Parmesan Cheese
  • 1/2 Tsp Black Pepper
  • 150g (5oz) Dried Pasta
  • 100g (¾ Cup) Garden Peas
  • Salt to taste (1 Tablespoon for every 4 litres of cooking water)


  1. If you are using frozen peas run them under cold water to defrost.
  2. Cut the bacon into 4-5mm cubes.
  3. Place the cubed bacon into a frying pan over a medium heat and render down the fat and cook until golden (7-10 minutes).
  4. Place the eggs and egg yolk into a mixing bowl with freshly ground black pepper and the Parmesan cheese and mix together and set aside.
  5. Bring a large pan (4 litres) of generously salted water to a boil and cook your pasta for 1 minute less than the instructions on the packet indicate.
  6. Drop the peas in with the pasta for the last 60 seconds of cooking.
  7. Drain the pasta reserving around 100ml (½ Cup) of the cooking liquid.
  8. Add the pasta to the bacon, and stir to coat.
  9. Remove from the heat and add the cheese and egg mix again stirring to coat.
  10. Stir through enough cooking water from the pasta to form a smooth and silk sauce.


Adapted from From My Wife, thank you darling!


Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 810Total Fat: 45gSaturated Fat: 16gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 25gCholesterol: 417mgSodium: 2737mgCarbohydrates: 38gFiber: 4gSugar: 4gProtein: 62g

Calorific details are provided by a third-party application and are to be used as indicative figures only.

Did you make this recipe?

If you made this recipe, I'd love to see what you did and what I can do better, share a picture with me on Instagram and tag me @krumplibrian and tell me how it went!

Brian Jones

Monday 20th of August 2018

That sounds like a fun trip, this part of Europe is littered with Thermal springs, we have 4 different ones within a 20-25 minute drive from home which is a great luxury :D Every time I chat to my Australian friends the scale of getting anywhere is insane... I live in Hungary, I can drive to Venice and back going on the scenic route in less than 24 hours.

Gabby | The Tolerant Table

Monday 2nd of July 2018

I'm with you, I love how recipes adapt and change over time. I would quite happily tuck into a big bowl of this, and love the addition of the peas!

Brian Jones

Tuesday 3rd of July 2018

Thanks Gabby :)

Brian Jones

Saturday 30th of June 2018

Thanks Beth


Friday 29th of June 2018

This looks fabulous. I will definitely pin this for later. Thanks for the recipe.

Brian Jones

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Friday 29th of June 2018

I love pasta carbonara. I haven't made it in a long time. Looks perfect with peas and bacon.

Brian Jones

Saturday 30th of June 2018

It really is, thanks Michelle.

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