Slow and Steady Butter Chicken

Butter chicken or Murgh Makhani is the classic Indian, grilled chicken in a rich gravy sauce often thickened with nuts and enriched with ghee and in this case sour cream.

There are thousands of easy butter chicken recipes on the web and whilst this is easy it is not a quick dinner it is very easy all of the work is in the preparation, I am a firm believer that often spending that little extra time on something really pays off so you can keep your quick and easy versions as you cannot cheat flavour!

Chicken Balti The Original Brummie Curry

Chicken Balti is the pride of Birmingham and a curry not of Indian but Anglo Indian heritage dating from the late 1970's and went global!

This chicken Balti recipe definitely says more about where and when I was raised than any other recipe here on Krumpli.  I was born in the mid-1970’s in the UK’s second City. Birmingham and if it were to be a Country its national dish would almost certainly be a Chicken Balti.  Or it would have been back when I was growing up anyway!

Saag Aloo With a Twist

Saag Aloo is a long standing favourite curry of mine, the move from spinach to chard adds a depth of iron rich earthy flavour to an already wonderful dish!

Saag aloo is an absolute favourite of mine however due to a spectacular failure of ‘saag’ or spinach crop I went with trading out spinach for swiss chard and I am so glad I did…  It has transformed one of my favourite dishes into something really magical, the swiss chard has added a an iron rich flavour that punches through the spices wonderfully.

Fragrant Indian Coconut Chicken Curry

Heady with Cloves & Cinnamon this Fragrant Indian Coconut Chicken Curry packs a punch of chili to get the blood racing, which of course you could tone down

An Indian Chicken curry with coconut usually equates to something similar to a korma as a general rule, typically in the UK a dish for people that don’t like Indian food, however I love Indian food so have tried to break away from a bland korma with my own take on an Indian Chicken Curry with coconut.