Kinda Caprese Salad

The classic flavours of a Caprese salad get all adventurous in this recipe to add a bit of body and substance to what is usually a light lunch dish or starter.

Here I go again playing around with classical dishes which I am sure will horrify some. Of course a classic Caprese salad is a wonderful thing the cream milky mozzarella cheese with sweet ripe tomatoes and almost metallic basil is a match made in heaven, all I have done is added a little spinach, balsamic and popcorn… “Whoooahhhh, hold on” I hear you shout you added popcorn?

Panzanella Salad Picnic Perfection

Panzanella salad really is a wonderful frugal route to Picnic Perfection, stale bread and beautiful ripe tomatoes make this Italian classic salad a must make

As a Brit I am almost obligated to point out that a Panzanella Salad is the second best way to use up older ‘stale’ bread, naturally the best way is of course bread and butter pudding… But you are pretty hard pushed to enjoy a bread and butter pudding on a summers day on a picnic, a panzanella salad on the other hand is a completely different matter, it is perfect for a picnic.