Chip Shop Fish & Chips Kinda

Proper Chip Shop Fish & Chips are a thing of great beauty and possibly the most evocative memory of growing up in the UK.

I had so much fun planning, shooting and cooking my chip shop Fish & Chips recipe, it is not something we cook very often for obvious reasons but every now and then it is good to say ‘take a stroll’ to all the health nonsense and cook and eat something that makes you clap your hands like a child.

Saag Aloo With a Twist

Saag Aloo is a long standing favourite curry of mine, the move from spinach to chard adds a depth of iron rich earthy flavour to an already wonderful dish!

Saag aloo is an absolute favourite of mine however due to a spectacular failure of ‘saag’ or spinach crop I went with trading out spinach for swiss chard and I am so glad I did…  It has transformed one of my favourite dishes into something really magical, the swiss chard has added a an iron rich flavour that punches through the spices wonderfully.