Quick Thai Chicken and Prawn Soup

Landscape image of a chicken and prawn soup served in an Asian style bowl decorated with a blue flower

This chicken and prawn soup really is a dish that ticks so many boxes for me. It contains so many of my favourite ingredients, they are combined to be sweet, sour hot and spicy, my favourite flavour profile… And it is a soup, which is my favourite comfort food, oh yeah it can be pulled together in 30 minutes!

Quick and Easy Indian Prawn Curry

A super quick and simple Indian prawn curry that can be on your plate in just 30 minutes start to finish.

It is hard to avoid Indian food if you grow up in the UK and the flavours of Indian cuisine are as familiar to me as roast beef and I have worked long and hard at bringing the flavours I love so much to our Hungarian table, so much so that every 8 weeks or so we make a 320km round trip to Budapest to ensure our spice cupboard is wanting of nothing.