Venison Stew With Champ

Wild meat is a real treat and this warming venison stew with mushrooms matched with an Irish champ is an Autumnal treat to keep you warm.

I’m back pushing the wild meat again today and this venison stew really is a wonderfully simple dish that tastes a million dollars. Just like my recent wild boar stew I am not aiming to convert people to using wild meats all the time, I’m just saying they are out there, they taste great and really they are not difficult to cook with at all.

Cherry Duck Salad with Spinach and Radish

Lovely rich duck breast is the perfect match to seasonal cherries and the sharp sweetness of balsamic in this great summer duck salad.

This duck salad is 100% inspired by my garden at this time of the year, although whilst I do have ducks in the garden rest assured none were harmed in the making of this recipe. It is the time of year when our garden sounds like a scene from ‘The Birds’, starlings adore cherries and the first of our cherry trees is now heavy with ripe fruit. Which now means that said tree now looks and sounds like a starling tree.