Apple Glazed Instant Pot Ribs

Apple and Pork is a match made in heaven and these Apple Glazed Instant Pot Ribs take that idea to a whole new level.

Apple and Pork is a match made in heaven and these Apple Glazed Instant Pot Ribs take that idea to a whole new level.

Apple Glazed Instant Pot Ribs.

I have been making apple glazed pork ribs for what feels like forever! So it was inevitable that they turn into Instant Pot ribs!

Let’s face it pork and apple and pork are a match made in heaven and it ‘just works’.

As far as I am concerned it is just one of those food relationships that are unquestioned. You really must check out my Instant Pot Pork Belly with Apple recipe!

This recipe was the first rib recipe in my Instant Pot, to cut a long story short, it will not be the last.

I have to say more than anything else I have pressure cooked so far, ribs are a stand out winner.

My guess is that cooking under pressure and at a certain temperature does something to the fat and sinew. It seems to render down in a completely different way to other cooking methods.

Now, this is a guess, I am no scientist and I really don’t care why it happens. All I know is it is awesome!

Apple and Pork is a match made in heaven and these Apple Glazed Instant Pot Ribs take that idea to a whole new level.

How to Cook Ribs In A Pressure Cooker.

Regular readers will know that I am fond of ribs. This is the 4th rib recipe here on Krumpli, all cooked in a slightly different way.

All really tasty and all get the ‘Jones’ seal of approval. However, cooking ribs in a pressure cooker is now my favourite way!

All of my rib recipes, not just the apple glazed ribs will become Instant Pot Ribs.

Cooking ribs in the pressure cooker is simple, ribs, flavouring and as little liquid as you can get away with. Then cook at high pressure for between 15 and 30 minutes with a slow pressure release.

But the real secret to cooking ribs in any pressure cooker is in the finishing.

Ribs benefit from a sticky glaze and a pressure cooker is a wet cooking environment. This means no way of getting a glaze!

The best way to achieve this is to fire up your broiler, oven or even BBQ and get it nice and hot. Then when the ribs are resting a little either make a glaze or reduce down the contents of the cooking liquid.

All you have to do then is brush this over and give them 10 minutes to colour and get sticky.

As far as I am concerned the BBQ or Grill is the very best way to do this!

In fact if it wasn’t so damn cold out there right now I would be firing up that bad boy as I type this as I am now drooling!

Apple and Pork is a match made in heaven and these Apple Glazed Instant Pot Ribs take that idea to a whole new level.

What Sort of Ribs to Buy.

A pig has 15 or 16 ribs depending on the breed but 3 are typically left attached to the shoulder.

As a result, a full slab of pork ribs will contain 12 or 13 ribs.

Within that set, there are two different types of rib, baby back ribs and spare ribs.

Baby back ribs typically contain more meat and are curved in shape, these are cut from the top of the rib cage near the spine.

Spare ribs are longer and flatter and are cut from the bottom of the rib cage, these often contain some of the brisket ‘flap’.

As with everything there are variations on this theme such as St Louis style ribs, which contain the central portion and are rectangular in shape.

Then there are country ribs, which are not really ribs but part of the loin of pork.

The choice is yours really I am typically fond of spare ribs, although this recipe uses baby back ribs.

Apple and Pork is a match made in heaven and these Apple Glazed Instant Pot Ribs take that idea to a whole new level.
Apple Glazed Instant Pot Ribs

Apple Glazed Instant Pot Ribs

Yield: 4 Servings
Prep Time: 4 hours 35 minutes
Cook Time: 45 minutes
Total Time: 5 hours 20 minutes

Apple and Pork is a match made in heaven and these Apple Glazed Instant Pot Ribs take that idea to a whole new level.


  • 1.5 kg Pork Rib
  • 250 ml Apple Juice, Go for the very best quality you can get
  • 1 Onion, Peeled and cut in to 8 wedges
  • 3 Tbsp Honey
  • 1 Tbsp Whole Grain Mustard

For the Dry Rub

  • 1 Tbsp Sweet Hungarian Paprika
  • 1 Tsp Garlic Powder
  • 2 Tsp Dark Brown Sugar
  • 2 Tsp Dried Marjoram
  • 1 Tsp Ground Cinnamon
  • 1 Tsp Black Pepper, Freshly Ground
  • 1 Tbsp Coarse Sea Salt


  1. Begin by removing the membrane on the bone side of the rib joint, do this by simply slicing with a sharp knife and pulling it away, if you are lucky it will come off in one piece!
  2. Now mix together the ingredients for the dry rub and massage them into the ribs and set aside for 4-8 hours to marinade.
  3. If you are using the trivet that cam with your InstantPot raise it off the base by a couple of centimeters using a crockery pot.
  4. Pour the apple juice into the base of the pot, followed by the onions and finally the ribs, close the lid and cook on manual high pressure for 20 minutes.
  5. Preheat your oven to 220°C and time it so it is hot when your ribs are ready to come out of your pot.
  6. Remove your ribs carefully from the pot and set aside whilst we work on the glaze.
  7. Turn your InstantPot on to saute mode add in the onions we just removed with the ribs, honey and mustard and reduce to form a syrupy glaze, this should take 5-6 minutes and then blend with a stick blender.
  8. Finally pour over the glaze and transfer to the hot oven and get a nice glaze which should take 5-10 minutes, or even better finish on the BBQ.
  9. Serve with potato wedges.


If you want to marinade over night just omit the salt and season up to 8 hours before you cook.

Nutrition Information:
Yield: 4 Serving Size: 1
Amount Per Serving: Calories: 1299Total Fat: 90gSaturated Fat: 27gTrans Fat: 1gUnsaturated Fat: 40gCholesterol: 303mgSodium: 2944mgCarbohydrates: 63gFiber: 3gSugar: 51gProtein: 62g
Calorific details are provided by a third-party application and are to be used as indicative figures only.

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  1. We don’t have a pressure cooker but I think we’ll be trying this out at my moms house later this week! Apples and pork are a match in heaven and the one pork meal my kids will actually eat. Great recipe, I can’t wait to try it out!

  2. **I FINALLY MADE THIS TONIGHT** just in case anyone is looking for comments by those who have made it 😉

    I put the rub on the ribs this morning, let it sit for the day and then cooked this evening. I did have to substitute thyme for the marjoram and I was out of granulated garlic so minced in a 4-5 cloves of fresh. A little more than what was required, but I wanted to be sure to get a decent coverage like one would with dry.

    The recipe tasted fantastic! I had a slightly larger cut of ribs, so needed to add an additional few minutes of pressure to cook, and it took a little longer for the glaze to reduce as I had more liquid. Next time I’ll drain off a good amount of the liquid before adding the honey and mustard. I didn’t really look before pouring them in, so my fault there.

    Everyone in the family enjoyed the flavors from my husband, to the baby. Thanks for another great recipe!

    • Always great to hear from someone who has made the recipe 😀 So glad you and yours enjoyed it Mary, I love cooking ribs in the IP! I often short cut the IP on reducing liquid by heating a large shallow flat bottomed pan over a high heat and use that for the reduction. The greater surface area, increased power and lower edges help reduce liquids far more quickly than in the IP 🙂

  3. I scooped up an InstantPot during a sale last year and I have still yet to try it. I think this recipe will have to christen it for me!

  4. Apple and pork are like peas & carrots – meant to be 🙂 Those ribs look absolutely delicious and this is probably the first recipe that has me itchin’ to buy an Instant Pot. Ribs are my go-to dinner because to do them right takes a lot of time and attention! Great recipe, as always 🙂

    • I have to say that ribs are the first thing I have cooked in the IP that made me think, ‘shit these are better than any other way I have cooked them’, although the ease of making stick makes it worth the entry fee alone for me personally. I’m sure it is a combination of pressure and fairly modest temps that work for what I often find a fatty cut of meat, I am sure it would work just as great in any pressure cooker 🙂

  5. We are in complete agreement that pork and apples are indeed a match made in heaven We love mixing the two together whenever we can but never did we consider using pork ribs! You photos are stunning, and I have no doubt that our whole family, especially our kids, will love your rendition of this classic combination. Thanks once again for the delicious inspiration!

    • Cheers Dan, I’ve been cooking apple glazed ribs for a while now but it definitely was one of those ‘why have I not done this before moments’… Such perfect bedfellows 🙂

    • Haha, ribs really are superb from a pressure cooker, I can not wait for summer now as I reckon these finished on the BBQ will be mind blowing!

  6. I keep saying it but after seeing all your amazing recipes, especially for how much I love ribs and this recipe sounds so good, I have to get an Instant Pot.

    • Hehe, they are great fun Rosemary, I’ve not found much use for anything other than the pressure cooking function at the moment but that is excellent. Mine has become a stock making work horse too taking a huge bunch of time out of my old slow cooker stock making method.

  7. I *almost* bought some pork ribs in Sainsbury’s just now Bri and I so wish I had of done! These sound superb – definitely one for the menu of Hungry Hubby’s annual birthday BBQ (which falls on Easter Monday this year!)

  8. This looks amazing and I am sure will taste likewise. I am a little confused about the onion in the recipe as you add it with the apple juice and pork but you then mention to add the onion to the pot to make the glaze. I assume that the onion is simply left in the pot after taking out the pork. Looking forward to trying this soon.

    • Hi Patricia, that is correct… I will go back to the post an make that clear, thanks for bringing it to my attention and most importantly… Enjoy the ribs 😀

    • Cheers Byron, I have a few more to go before I hopefully sztart moving on to BBQ stuff and Picnic foods, they are definitely my plans for spring into summer, even bought a fancy pants new picnic basket 😀

  9. your apple glazed ribs makes me want to get an instant pot asap! These look so perfectly glossy, I know my family would go crazy for the ribs. Great recipe share!

  10. I haven’t made ribs since last summer, but I can see I better hop to it! These look fabulous, Brian! Your pictures are mouthwatering!

    • Cheers Tara, I’m not usually one for food aftermath photos but the test of good ribs are how clean the bones are and these speak for themselves 😀

  11. You are so right apples and pork are a match made in heaven. Your ribs look amazing. I’ve never made ribs using apple juice before, but guess what I’m doing next time I’m cooking ribs!!


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