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You could say that I am a bit of a ‘Magpie’ when it comes to food, my tastes are incredibly eclectic and the recipes below were all cooked and photographed in the last couple of weeks… I’m a huge advocate of locally grown produce, in fact so much so that the vast majority of the vegetables I cook with come from our wee plot of dirt in the Hungarian countryside. 

To see more delicious recipes you can take from my garden to your kitchen you can visit my Recipe Index

My Hungarian Adventure

I am one of those strange people, or we are one of those strange couples to be more accurate, that chucked in the joys of the rat race and ran away to do something much more interesting instead! This section is a wee peak between the curtains as to what our lives are like with no concerns about the ‘nine to five’, sure most of it will be related to food, it is what we do… But grab your self a brew of your choice and come on a stroll with me around either my garden or indeed our Hungarian stomping grounds.

About Me!

My name is Brian and back in 2008 myself and my wife quit our ‘real’ jobs, I picked up a spade and a camera and we moved to a small village in Rural Hungary to grow food, brew wine and take pictures… And we’re still here!

Our time in rural Hungary has been a magical but thoroughly confusing mish-mash of adventures and twists and turns, to find out how we ended up here, just click below πŸ™‚

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